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Discover the latest Bentley models

Breath-taking Performance. Understated Confidence. Unmistakably Bentley. Our new 2015-2016 Bentley automobiles for sale in Montréal will defy all your expectations of what a luxury vehicle represents.

From the very beginning W.O. Bentley had an all-consuming passion to create a potent, authentic and utterly unique motoring experience with cars that possessed an inherent ability to turn into something truly extraordinary.

For over 80 years his vision has driven a seamless bloodline of Grand Tourers. And now it has its ultimate realization. The new 2015-2016 Bentleys have arrived, bringing with them unsurpassed comfort, craftsmanship and true super-car dynamics.

Our team of experts can guide you in choosing the Bentley model and trim that fits your needs and provide you with the optimal driving experience for years to come. Here you can consult the detailed specifications and features of each, and schedule a test drive or request a personalized price quote directly online.

Discover what discerning drivers the world over already know: Bentleys are like no other. Everything else has become ordinary.